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With a variety of services at your disposal including NIN, FRSC, International passport, Voters card, Tin and BVN, you can ensure real-time identity verification with utmost compliance.
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Welcome to Verified, the premier aggregator and provider of robust identity, biometric verification, address and company verification services in Africa. We offer a wide range of services that help you confirm the identity of your employee or customer.

Integrate to our APIs and verify your first identity in minutes!

Our Offerings

ID & Identity Validation (Boolean Match)


ID & Identity Verification

Our group of ID and Identity verification services help you check the validity status of the ID related information supplied. This is a boolean match service which implies that we will simply tell you if the details are valid or invalid. We will not return any personal information to you.

The services include:

ID Verification with Face Recognition


ID Verification with Face Recognition

This API confirms the validity of a presented ID card by matching the card holder's live face against the picture on the presented ID card, or the digital picture present in the provider's database. With this process, we not only confirm that the ID card is valid, we confirm that the ID card is being presented by the rightful owner

We offer face recognition services for the following ID types:

  • Bank verification Number (BVN)
  • Driver's License
  • National Identity Number
  • International Passport
  • Voters Identification Number

Address verification

This service is used to confirm the authenticity of a person's address and to also confirm if the customer stays in the address provided. The address verification services include:

  • Business address verification
  • Individual address check

Standalone Face Recognition

This is a standalone verification engine that can take multiple faces and match them against each other. This can be utilized by customers dependent on their use case or business needs.

Bank Account verification

The Account Number Validation service provides individual details tied to a bank account.
This service enables bank account validation bypassing account number and bank code as input parameters.

RC Number Verification

This service validates CAC registration of an organization i.e RC or BN numbers for organizations registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (Nigeria).

All our services can be plugged into your processes via

Server to server APIs
Mobile SDKs
Web SDKs
Web portal

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This page will help you get started with You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

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